Discussion Questions

Below are a series of discussion questions that may prove useful for a book club or classroom setting.
(Hint: Evil professors might even use these for essay assignments!)
Q:How did the history of the Internet’s formation shape its security concerns today?
Q:How does the way the Internet is structured shape its security concerns?
Q:What do you think of hactivism’s means and ends?
Q:Who matters more to the Internet’s future, states or individuals?
Q:What cyber threat concerns you the most?
Q:What is cyberwar to you? When does it begin or end?
Q:How can we build a safer cyber world?
Q:What group or organization do you think is the biggest cyber threat?
Q:Where does the responsibility of private firms begin and end in cybersecurity?
Q:Where should the power and responsibility of national governments begin and end in cyberspace?
Q:Can you truly be anonymous online? Should you?
Q:What is the role of government in securing cyberspace?
Q:Is it ok for a victimized organization to “hack back”? What are the dangers?
Q:Is there a market failure for security investment?
Q:Is it important to distinguish between different types of cyber attacks? How should we do it?
Q:Is cyberspace at risk of being “militarized”?
Q:What should the role of the United States be in Internet Governance?
Q:Should we move to a more globally-representative system?
Q:What are the emerging and future technologies that we will have to worry the most about from a security perspective?
Q:How should an organization think about cyber defense? What are the limits of a ‘perimeter-oriented’ security posture?


Exercise 1:

What is the most important cybersecurity story in the news in the last week? How has the news media reported it? What advice would you offer to the relevant leaders and policy-makers?

Exercise 2:

Choose a song from the playlist and describe what its lyrics mean in the context of cybersecurity and cyberwar